ASP Calendars is a simple, easy to use Calendar Control for ASP .NET 2005. ASP Calendars can be described as a scheduler control that holds a calendar of events in a nice graphical interface. It comes complete with customizable functionality and support for MS SQL Server 2005. Other Calendars controls can be expensive and/or are very hard to understand and use. ASP Calendars is a no hassle control that lets you easily integrate with any ASP .Net application.

ASP Calendar Features

  • Multiple Views (Month, Week, Day)
  • Multiple Calendars (i.e. Different Schedules for different locations)
  • Pop Up Window shows Event Details
  • Fully customizable Color Themes and Fonts
  • Handles One-Time Events or Recurring Events
  • Designed for ASP .NET 2005 in Visual Basic
  • Designed for MS SQL Server 2005
Basically, if you need a control that can display a calendar of events or a schedule of events in a nice graphical interface in ASP .Net with MS SQL Server, ASP Calendars is your answer!

Click here to view a live demo.