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How to Maintain the Used Excavator?
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The used excavator plays an important role in mining industry. Rocks more, this time to pay attention to the excavator chassis watch for loose, damaged. Check the track of the degree of tension than the tension in the ground level when some better song. Working in the mountains, the excavator working device will be faster the damage, pay attention to use of the excavator enhanced and timely replacement.

The used excavators will help to reduce the difficulty of excavation in winter. Excavators at this time to note the following maintenance issues, the first high-quality oil resistant to cold type of fuel, oil label attention, preferably twenty-negative or negative on the 10th No oil. Then, the excavator used to add antifreeze to the cooling water, or water tanks will freeze. Once again, the battery should be charged and discharged more frequently to prevent freezing of the electrolyte. Jiangchun specializes in the business of used hitachi excavators and other old construction machinery equipment. Finally, to remove mud excavator chassis to prevent the excavator was frozen in the mud. The entire maintenance process, but also be very complicated.

Different types of fuels can not mix to feed the used excavator. Different varieties of excavator oil added in the production process from the chemical or physical effects of different additives; to ensure oil clean to prevent debris (water, dust, particles, etc.) mixed; according to the environmental temperature and the use of selected oil label. Jiangchun specializes in the business of used sumitomo excavators and other old construction machinery equipment. Environmental temperatures are high, the oil viscosity should be used, the low temperature viscosity of the oil should be used; gear oil viscosity is relatively large to accommodate the large transmission load, hydraulic oil viscosity is relatively small, to reduce the liquid flow resistance.
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