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sports wood flooring in the international
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Posted: 1/11/2018 5:29:56 AM

<p>products in China. According to the nature of the manufacturer,<a href=''>what to use to waterproof plywood</a> 80% of the domestic wooden flooring manufacturers are private enterprises. Without government subsidies, the enterprises will not be able to lower their costs Price loss to sell their own products.what kind of wood can be used under water Cheap Chinese wood flooring by the Canadian market, so that exports soared, which is understandable.At the 4th National Science and Technology Development Seminar for </p>
<p>Wood-based Panel Industry held last month, <a href=''>synthetic flooring tonguee and groove</a>'2008 Olympic Games' became a focus of attention of guests. This reporter learned that the sports flooring is an important part of sports facilities, its wear resistance, load-bearing, solidity and other requirements to be much higher than ordinary wood a rooftop deck For example, because people may shake on the wooden floor during exercise, the sports wooden floor must have the shock </p>
<p>absorption function. That is,<a href=''>decorative composite wall panels</a> when an athlete jumped back down to the wooden floor, more than 53% of the impulse must be absorbed by the wooden floor, Thus play a role in protecting people's ankle, meniscus, spine, brain, so that people do not hurt during exercise.weatherproof sandwich boards According to China Forestry Industry Association floor branch secretary Lu Bin introduction, sports wood flooring in the international application is very wide, Canada, </p>
is a native wood brand that grew up in Hefei. Its </p>

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