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product is better
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Posted: 1/11/2018 12:44:31 AM

<p>2017. Top Ten Advantages 1. Insulation, insulation Insulation by the national authority testing insulation efficiency than existing national standards, installation of room and ordinary board installation of indoor temperature difference of 7 degrees; and paint a difference of 10 degrees, is our hot summer and the South Northern winter cold wall </p>
<p>decoration best material. This product has a unique thermal insulation properties, the product used in the balcony, sun room and the top of the villa space completely solve the top of the sun exposure. Achieve significant energy-saving effect, but also belong to the country strongly advocate energy-saving decorative materials. 2. Sound </p>
<p>insulation by the national authority of the detection of sound insulation up to 29 dB, equivalent to the real wall of sound insulation, such as for the bathroom obviously solved the sound of water pipe. Can also be used in various types of factory noise room. State-level authority to detect fire rating B1 level, basically meet the fire safety </p>
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