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spirit harm
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Posted: 11/16/2016 8:32:19 PM

isolate Angle Angle of evil spirit harm and to the evil spirit house don't buy, a house, with sharp corners will make part of the house, even all be triangle, triangle on the feng shui is extremely good.In later, because the gas is not straight, and cause yourself and your family's health problems,

ideas will also create confusion.Moreover, in terms of the house itself, also can produce rent out or sell out.Method to resolve 3, every Angle is if you don't know earlier because every Angle of evil spirit harm is so big and don't watch out and bought it only to find a way to resolve it brings bad luck.

If the house itself every Angle of evil spirit under the condition of the house can't change, you can think of some way to get every Angle.Can be used between hollow bricks to fill up, etc.If it is on the opposite side of window and door every Angle of evil spirit,
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