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Posted: 7/14/2017 1:40:40 AM

kinds of furniture do not buy
Now a wide variety of new furniture dizzying, but many people buy furniture is not satisfactory, some furniture looks good, but the material is filled with harmful substances, and some furniture to buy when the good-looking, but buy back Not a long time on the broken, and how should we buy furniture? What kind of furniture can not buy it? The first is the price is relatively low, bargain is particularly easy not to buy.recycled deck veranda outlet Malaysia
Other first not to say, bargain is particularly easy to think about the problem, some furniture prices are particularly cheap, and sometimes bargain or even cut thousands of dollars, in fact, most of this furniture is the use of a large number of low quality materials Manufacturing, often Jinyu its outside, which failed, consumers seem to be so cheap furniture to be careful. The second is a strong stimulating smell of furniture do not buy.pvc ceilings kenya
Some furniture such as cabinets, etc., when you buy the drawer, open the door to stimulate the smell of tears, this situation shows that the furniture of the methanol content of a serious excessive. This kind of furniture is very harmful to the body, generally not recommended to buy. If the conditions for the purchase of such furniture, then the best, for some time and then use. The third thing to note is that the furniture made of wood-based panels do not do all the edge of the deal do not guard deck
All the use of wood-based panels made of furniture parts on the edge of the restrictions are very strict, especially with the particleboard for furniture materials should be required to all the edge, which can limit the release of harmful substances in wood-based panels, but many manufacturers to save Materials, are only partial edge, such a furniture is best not to buy.rice based wood material

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