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Aqueous Acrylic Amino Baking
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Posted: 4/23/2017 7:56:43 PM

Preparation of Aqueous Acrylic Amino Baking
A water - based acrylic resin was used as the film - forming material and high - hydroxymethyl - type methylated melamine formaldehyde resin as the curing agent. The suitable additives and cosolvent were used.building deck benches
The effects of baking temperature, drying time, the amount of curing agent and the amount of catalyst on the performance of the film were investigated. However, both opportunities and challenges, water-based paint mainly to water as a dispersion medium, although with low pollution, low toxicity, flame retardant and low price and many other advantages.fruit juice case composite material
But its surface tension, vaporization latent heat, the solubility is limited, the production process, construction technology, additives and selection of a lot of direct and indirect factors will cause water-based paint caused by the phenomenon of bubbles, referred to as blistering. Bubble large bubble, small for the micro-bubble, the film surface defects mainly for the hole, burr, prickly heat and pinholes and other phenomena.24 round pool deck ideas South Africa
In this paper, the effects of the properties of the resin, the antifoaming agent, the leveling agent, the co-solvent and the baking temperature, the drying time, the amount of the curing agent and the catalyst on the performance of the film were investigated. Acrylic acid amino paint, the preparation of a comprehensive performance of water-based acrylic amino paint.upm profi decking boards calculator

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