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can not achieve the effect of rapid drainage
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Posted: 10/16/2016 8:52:41 PM

Ground waterproofing agent to be used under the supervision to avoid the bricklayer is not in accordance with the requirements but directly on the ground, resulting in uneven, it is not the best hands-on, do not bother, but rest assured.12, bathroom floor slope before the pavement Well,

according to the slope of the national standard and can not achieve the effect of rapid drainage, and if you use the deodorant floor drain or ultra-thin floor drain will greatly exacerbate the difficulty of water drainage, some say the slope of unsightly, it is nonsense. Slope water can quickly run clean is a very pleasant thing .In 13, at the top of the balcony to play a cupboard,

then the back of the cabinet with a layer of foam plastic plate insulation waterproof effect is very good .If the wood line if not appropriate 15, bathroom with stainless steel legs of the counter is profiteering, to find some of the store back to buy the price of Kuang cheap. XVI, the kitchen cabinets inside the kitchen cabinets inside the price is very low. The door is recommended to use the LG platinum point fire board, the effect is good, but if the decoration may consider the finished product door.Manually do the door is not refined,
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