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Connect three calendars with different views
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Posted: 4/5/2008 9:45:42 AM

hello again
just one small Q:
i have three calendars in my aspx page. one for daily view, one for weekly view and one for monthly view. now i want to connect these three together in this order:
when in the monthly view calendar the user selecets the previuse month, the daily and weekly view calendars should show the fist day and the first week of that month, this should be considered in other two calendars too. so when the user in the weekly calendar clicks on the next week and reaches the next month, the monthly calendar should dispaly the next month as well. in other language these three calendars shoud display dates synchronously, exactly in the way the DEMO( that you have provided in the website works.



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Posted: 4/8/2008 6:16:38 AM

The demo is actually the same calendar control that is just changing the view type property on the control .Depending on the value of the dropdown on the page, I change the property appropriatly.

Unfortunatly, ASP Calendars v1.02 does not support this feature that you are trying to accomplish.

In a nut shell her is what would need to happen.

1. You would have to throw Date changed events from the Calendar.ascx.vb code when the user clicked the lnkback or lnkNext buttons.

2. On your webpage in the codebehind. You would need to add event handlers for the events you created in step one.

3. In these event handlers you would add code to redirect the page telling it to adjust the StartDate property in the other calendars affected by the new date change. (This step would be simular to the work around explaned in this thread).

This feature will be added in the next release of ASP Calendars. Good Luck.

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